Articles about Photography Basics, Technique, Sport and Stock Photography.

Sports Photography Tips

The Background

The background of your image can sometimes be almost as important as the foreground. Here's why.

Sports Photography Tips

Exploiting your Shutter

Understand how you can use your range of shutter speeds for creative sports photography .

Sports Photography Tips

Know Your Sport

How understanding your sport will help you with your sports photography and take better photographs.

Sports Photography Tips

Be More than Just a Button Presser

Be creative to make your sports photography about more than just the action.

Sports Photography Tips

White Water Canoe Sports Photography

How to capture the action of a great white-water sport.

Sports Photography Tips

Panning The Camera

Panning is a great technique to introduce an element of movement to your image. Here's how.

Sports Photography Tips


Not a technical technique, more about seeing the potential for an image.

About The Picture

Aaron Slight World Superbikes

A little background about one of my favourite images of one of my favourite World Superbikes riders.

Basics of Photography

The Aperture

The mechanism that controls the amount of light that passes through the lens of your camera. It uses weird things called 'stops' and each one lets in more or less light than the stop next to it.

Basics of Photography

The Shutter

The bit of kit in your camera that controls how long the sensor is exposed to the light. This is called the shutter.

Basics of Photography


The ISO determines how sensitive your sensor is to the light being let in to the camera.

Basics of Photography

Aperture, Shutter & ISO Together

Understanding how the aperture, shutter and ISO work together is the most important technical aspect of photography you need to know.

Basics of Photography


Capturing light is what photography is all about

The Business of Photography

Taking Pictures for Stock

When you take a stock image there are many decisions to make before you can offer it for licencing.

The Business of Photography

50 Things to consider for your new business

If you are starting a new photography business, here's 50 things to think about.


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