Recent Car Sports Photography 2018.

It's been a good year for motorsports photography and car, or automotive, inparticular. I've shot a whole range of cars in different situations, light and weather conditions which has led to some wonderful images. So much so that I wanted to put them in to a little collection to show them off in their own right.

Some of the most interesting shots came about in the worst weather, tipping it down with rain but adding so much drama to the scene that you just don't get in dry conditions. As a photographer it can feel pretty miserable stood around getting soaked but seeing the images makes it all worthwhile and actually encourages me to stay out in these conditions because of the exciting pictures it offers.

I hope you enjoy this collection. I might even put another set together so keep an eye out.

Formula One Force India.
Formula 1 Force India

Classic Lotus 81 F1 car at the top of Donington Park's start/finish straight.
Classic F1 Lotus 81

McLaren 570 GT4
The McLaren 570 GT4

Minis testing in the spray.
Minis testing in the rain.

Classic Leyton House Porsche 962
Leyton House Porsche 962

Drama in the rain and spray during F3 testing.
F3 testing in the spray and rain

Billy Monger testing in the F3 car at Donington Park September 2018.
Billy Monger testing in F3

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